What can you tell me about the Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series by Dan McGirt?

Trove Books relaunched this classic series in 2009, beginning with book #1: Hero Wanted and continuing with #2: Noble Cause and #3: Royal Crush

The original Jason Cosmo series (aka the “Non-Trilogy”) consisted of three books published by Signet/Roc from 1989 to 1993: Jason Cosmo, Royal Chaos and Dirty Work. The books were also published in the United Kingdom by Pan Books, Ltd.
Trove has released ebook editions of the classic Jason Cosmo Non-Trilogy:

So is Trove reprinting the original books exactly as they were before?

Yes and no. Yes, because we’ve released ebook editions of the original three novels. No, because author Dan McGirt has revised, updated and slightly re-imagined the series. The first book in the relaunched series, Hero Wanted, is a retelling of the 1989 book Jason Cosmo. Same story, new book.

That is confusing.

Sorry. Let me put it this way. If you never read the old Jason Cosmo books, Hero Wanted is where it all begins again. If you read the classic Non-Trilogy, much of Hero Wanted will be familiar–but you’ll find some surprises too. If you’re brand new to the series, Hero Wanted is the book to start with. (Or the book with which to start, if that whole “don’t end a sentence with a preposition” thing bugs you. But, seriously–get over that.)

But if, despite all that, you still want to read the original Non-Trilogy, we have that too.


What can you tell me about the works of author Andrea Parnell published by Trove?

Trove is pleased to revive the out-of-print works of this talented author. Her books were previously published by Signet, Onyx, Harlequin, Warner Books, and other imprints. We began our reprint program in 2011.

If you would like an introduction to her writing, try the free ebook novella Dark Prelude, a prequel to Dark Splendor.


How do I submit my unpublished manuscript to Trove Books?

You don’t.


Seriously. Trove Books is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts–unpublished, previously published, handwritten, typed, done in crayon, whatever. Doesn’t matter. Don’t want them.

But what if my book is really, really good?

Submit it somewhere else. There are lots of other publishers looking for books to publish. Especially books that are really, really good. Or, hey, publish it yourself.

Are you sure you don’t want to read my manuscript?

We are sure.

You’re mean.

That isn’t a question.

Why are you so mean?

Better. Look, we’re not being mean. Just giving it to you straight. Trove Books has a particular mission and a particular publishing program. For now and for the known future, we are not taking unsolicited submissions. At all. Case closed.

That said, we wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors, etc., etc.


What is Trove Books’ position on digital rights management (DRM)?

We are opposed to DRM because it treats lawful customers like criminals. Consumers value non-DRM content and there’s a growing body of evidence that digital content producers who have abandoned DRM are enjoying greater sales. Most buyers of ebooks resent DRM because it limits their ability to fully own and enjoy their digital book. Trove Books distributes our titles through various online retailers. We list our titles as DRM-free wherever that option exists.

At Trove Books, we don’t want to treat our readers like criminals. By the same token, we strictly discourage pirating and illegal distribution of an author’s works. We have trained pirate-sniffing weasels. Don’t make us use them.